Apple's Safari For Windows

Posted on July 7, 2007

Apple SafariAppleInsider reports that Apple is making its Safari 3 web browser available for Windows users for the first time. The browser can be downloaded here.
Safari 3 features easy-to-manage bookmarks, effortless browsing with easy-to-organize tabs and a built-in RSS reader to quickly scan the latest news and information.

Beginning today, Apple is making a Safari 3 public beta is available as a free download for Macs and PCs over at its Safari website.

"We think Windows users are going to be really impressed when they see how fast and intuitive web browsing can be with Safari," said Jobs. "Hundreds of millions of Windows users already use iTunes, and we look forward to turning them on to Safari's superior browsing experience too."

The speed of Safari combined with its intuitive user interface lets users spend more time surfing the web and less time waiting for pages to load, Apple said. Other Safari features now available to Windows users include SnapBack, one-click access to an initial search query; resizable text fields; and private browsing to ensure that information about an individual's browsing history isn't stored.
Joel on Software has a post about Safari's speed. Lifehacker says you can get Safari's best features in Firefox.