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The explosion in the popularity of blogs has also led to an explosion the number of companies that provide add-ons for websites. Nowadays these add-ons are often called widgets and require bloggers or websites owners to so,[;y put a small snippet of code on their website so they can track stats, play a video, play games, add social networking features, play music, show results from a quiz, etc. Below are some resources to help you find add-ons and widgets for your blogs and websites.

Affiliate Programs - Add affiliate programs to your website and earn revenues.

CafePress - sell t-shirts and other products with your brand.

Google Gadgets: Google offers thousands of widgets from different publishers that you can add to your website.

Embedding Video: Embedding video is easy thanks to websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

8 Days: Top Widgets List - a collection of 20 widgets you can use to improve your website.

HotScripts Remotely Hosted -- a list of remotely hosted programs you can add to your site or blog from HotScripts.

Widgetbox-- Widgetbox is an online directory of web widgets for blogs and other web pages.

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