Editorial Quality and Google Juice

Posted on April 28, 2006

The Washington Post has an interesting article about Google juice and how many webmasters and site owners try to find short-cuts in obtaining it. The Post cites an expert who says editorial quality is what Google values most.
"The link brokers are going great guns," Leake said.

One such firm is TextLinkBrokers.com, which started in Phoenix three years ago by brokering paid links between sites with high Google ranks to those with low Google ranks. But Google's changing formulas have made it harder to boost a site's ranking just through paid links, said Jarrod Hunt, chief executive of the 60-person firm.

"Editorial links are more valuable now than the paid ones," he added.

Hunt said his firm still brokers text links for sale from thousands of independent Web sites, but it also develops original editorial content to help get links Google might consider to be of higher quality. Often the articles are given away or sold to sites in a program he calls "hosted marketing pages," basically online advertorials with embedded links.

There are shady ways to get Google juice, too, but be careful -- it could get your site booted completely out of the Google index. If you break the search-engine rules, the juice can turn to poison and lead to the Google death penalty.
If Google values quality editorial then it might be time for your company to hire some journalists and/or freelance writers to create some.