Iterasi Lets You Bookmark Dynamically Generated Pages

Posted on September 2, 2008

IterasiIterasi is a new bookmarking website that let's you save dynamically generated pages and Flash pages. You can see a video about the new service here.
At iterasi, we love the Web. So much so, that we want to keep it. Forever.

That's why we're taking steps to move beyond traditional bookmarking. Because, these days, saving the address of a page isn't half as important as being able to save the page you created.

Our first product, iterasi, makes it simple for any Web user to save the dynamically generated pages that are increasingly becoming the bulk of today's Web experience. With iterasi, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and database driven technologies, like PHP and ASP, can all be saved�in their current state�with the push of a button.
You can see up a scheduler to bookmark pages for you. You can also share the pages you have saved with others using a shortened URL.