Many Americans Spend More Time With Computer Than Spouse

Posted on January 23, 2007

Computers are getting more attention than a person's spouse according to a Kelton Research Inc. study described in a recent article. 65% said they spend more time with their spouse or significant other.
Sixty-five percent of Americans polled said they spend more time with their home computer than their spouse or significant other, according to research by Kelton Research Inc. released Monday.

Those who have chosen computer over companion don't seem to be getting much satisfaction from their inanimate partner. Of those answering, 84 percent said they were more dependent on their home computer now than three years ago, but that on average, they had experienced computer trouble eight times in those three years, and estimated they wasted 12 hours per month due to home computer problems, the report said.
That's just sad. If computer errors could be eliminated than people might free up as much as 12 hours each month to be with their spouse -- or their computer.