MySQL 5 Close to Shipping

Posted on October 13, 2005

InfoWorld reports that MySQL is close to shipping Version 5 of its software.
The company is calling Version 5 its most significant upgrade yet. It adds a handful of features considered important for enterprises that have long been available from market leaders Oracle (Profile, Products, Articles), IBM (Profile, Products, Articles), and Microsoft (Profile, Products, Articles). Chief among them are triggers, views, and stored procedures.

MySQL has also changed the way its database performs some common tasks, such as error checking, to make it behave like other databases. The idea is to make it easier for a database administrator to switch from another platform, encouraging migrations. The "old" ways of doing things will still be an option, and the vast majority of current MySQL applications will run unchanged on Version 5, according to David Axmark, a MySQL co-founder who has the job title "open sorcerer."
The software will still be free while the company makes revenues by charging for support services. The article also says the new software may now compete with IBM and Oracle's enterprise management software.