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Welcome to the Web Surfer's Corner! Here you'll find a collection of useful resources for web surfers, including calendar services, free email providers, quick links to popular websites, mailing list directories, search engines and directories, web browser plug-ins, ISPs and much more!

General Resources

Calendar and Reminder Services

Charity Online


Creating a Website

Creating Bookmarks

Downloads and Shareware

Electronic Greeting Cards and Web Postcards

Email Information and Tools

Free Email Newsletters

Free Email Providers

Free Stuff and Web Coupons

Internet Definitions and Jargon

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Make Money Surfing

Online Personals and Matchmaking

Online Privacy

Online Research

Online Shopping

Photo Tools and Photo Storage

References and Resources for Beginners

Safe Surfing

Searching the Web

Spyware Removal

Web Browsers

Web Browser Plug-ins

Web Software and Tools

Webmaster's Corner

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