Are Coding Jobs Shrinking?

Posted on June 20, 2005

An article reports on a new forecast that expects the worldwide demand for technology developers to shrink 30% by 2010. That's not good news for an industry that is already suffering. Many college students are turning their backs on computer majors. One tech author even thinks the situation is reverting back tot he days where programming were "basement cublicle geeks."

"The current situation is getting back to the '70s and '80s, where IT workers were the basement cubicle geeks and they weren't very well off," said Matthew Moran, author of the six-month-old book Information Technology Career Builder's Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Building Your Information Technology Career in Any Economy.

"They were making an honest living but weren't anything more than middle-class people just getting by," Moran said.

If you are getting a programming degree you might want to pad it with and MBA or foreign language skills to make yourself more attractive to employers.

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