Grok Turns Klay Thompson's Bad Game Into a Vandalism Spree

Posted on April 22, 2024

Klay Thompson had a terrible awful play-in game against Sacramento. He went 0 for 10 in a rare scoreless outing. He was part of the reason the Warriors lost the important game.

The Grok AI news tool on Twitter/X turned Klay's bad game into something more sinister. Grok alleged he was vandalizing houses with bricks. Brick is a term used in basketball to indicate a shot is way off its target. Klay shot lots of bricks in the game against the Kings.

Grok was clearly confused by the use of the word "brick" that Twitter users were using to describe Klay's terrible shooting performance.

In a bizarre turn of events, NBA star Klay Thompson has been accused of vandalizing multiple houses with bricks in Sacramento. Authorities are investigating the claims after several individuals reported their houses being damaged, with windows shattered by bricks. Klay Thompson has not yet issued a statement regarding the accusations. The incidents have left the community shaken, but no injuries were reported. The motive behind the alleged vandalism remains unclear.

Twitter notes underneath the "news" item that, "This story is a summary of posts on X and may evolve over time. Grok can make mistakes, verify its outputs.."

Here's some verification: Klay Thompson had a bad game - one of the worst games of his career - but he was not throwing bricks at houses in Sacramento.

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