AI News

Financial Times Cuts Content Licensing Deal with OpenAI (April 29, 2024): Financial Times will let OpenAI train its AI models as part of a content licensing deal. OpenAI will have access to FT archives.

Perplexity AI Hits Unicorn Status After New Fundraising Round (April 23, 2024): The Perplexity startup has reached unicorn status with a new deal giving it a valuation around $1 billion.

Grok Turns Klay Thompson's Bad Game Into a Vandalism Spree (April 22, 2024): Klay Thompson had a bad game in the play-in. He went 0 for 10 and shot a lot of bricks. The Grok AI tool thought Klay was committing acts of vanadlism.

Meta Puts New Llama 3 AI on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (April 19, 2024): Meta has launched its Llama 3 AI and put it on its Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp social networks and chat tools.

Poe AI Chatbot Platform Adds Revenue Model (April 10, 2024): Poe AI is a chatbot platform that is owned by Quora. Users can also create their own bots on the site which is home to multiple AI chatbots. Provides AI Characters to Chat With (April 7, 2024): Character Technologies runs which offers numerous AI chatbot characters for people to chat with and learn from.

Photobucket's Huge Bucket of Images of Interest to AI Companies (April 6, 2024): Photobucket has been around for years as an image hosting tool. It is suddenly hot again because AI firms need to train their AI models.

Opera Adds Experimental Support for 150 Local LLMs (April 3, 2024): Opera announced today that it is letting Opera One browser users test up to 50 local LLM variants. Users will have to download them.

Read AI Raises $21 Million in Series A Financing (April 2, 2024): Read AI announced it has raised $21 million in Series A financing. Read AI provides AI summaries of email and messaging.

You Can Now Use ChatGPT Without an Account (April 2, 2024): You can now use ChatGPT without an account. Previously, you need to login to an account to use the AI tool.

Filmmakers Create Short Films Using OpenAI's Sora (March 28, 2024): OpenAI let filmmakers use its Sora AI text-to-video tool to make short films. One of them is about a man with a balloon for a head.

Cornell Creative Machines Lab Has Two Chatbots Talk to Each Other (August 29, 2011): Researchers at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab had two chatbots talk to each other.

Robot Mouth Makes Vowel Sounds (April 24, 2010): This video of a robot mouth making vowel noises has emerged on the Internet.