Browser News

Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Will Arrive July 29 (June 1, 2015): Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will be available starting July 29. It features a personal digital assistant and a new browser.

Google Adds Google Translate support for Emoji (April 1, 2014): Google has announced Google Translate support for Emoji for April Fool's Day

Google Announces Plans to Shutdown iGoogle (July 4, 2012): Google has announced plans to shut down several services.

Google Chrome Now Has 200 Million Users (October 13, 2011): Google CEO Larry Page announced in a post on Google+ that Google's browser, Google Chrome, now has over 200 million users.

Amazon Explains Its Silk Browser (October 3, 2011): Amazon's software engineers explain the company's new Silk browser, which is used to power its recently announced tablet, the Kindle Fire.

Microsoft Losing Browser Marketshare (May 22, 2010): The BBC reports that Internet Explorer continues to lose marketshare.

Mobile Phone Apps vs. The Internet: Which Will Be Bigger? (July 20, 2009): Wired reports that Google's Vic Gundotra believes the future of the mobile industry is web-based application not mobile apps like those in the iTunes stores.

Google Takes Chrome Out of Beta (December 12, 2008): It's good when a product doesn't stay in Beta forever and ever.

Google Launches a New Browser Called Chrome (September 4, 2008): Google has launched a beta version of a new browser called Chrome.

Agloco Reminds Some Bloggers of AllAdvantage (December 6, 2006): A website called Agloco is promising to pay you to search the web.

The Next Big Thing: Virtual World Browser? (October 25, 2006): An interesting article in TCS Daily says the next big thing may actually be the old idea of a virtual world.

IE7 Browser Now Available (October 19, 2006): The launch of the new IE7 browser has been announced on the IEBlog.

The Toolbar Wars Have Started (March 3, 2006): A ZDNet article says the battle for computer real estate has moved from the desktop to the web browser and major Internet companies are battling it out for the best toolbar positions.

Microsoft Releases IE 7 Beta 2 Preview (February 6, 2006): Microsoft has released the IE 7 Beta 2 Preview. Raises Money for Firefox (January 16, 2006): ZDNet reports that Loopia, a Swedish web hosting company, and Loopia's founder Sam Nurmi, have launched a website called HelpFirefox in a bid to raise money for the Firefox web browser.

Firefox Did Not Quite Make 10% (January 12, 2006): It was a great year for the Firefox browser.

Flock Browser Works With Web Tools (November 4, 2005): A new browser was designed to work with popular web tools.

Opera Browser Goes Ad-Free (September 21, 2005): TechNewsWorld reports that Opera has announced that they will no longer charge for an ad-free version of their browser.

IE7 Will Be Feed Friendly (August 22, 2005): InternetNews.

Firefox Loses Marketshare to Internet Explorer (August 16, 2005): Mozilla's Firefox browser gave a little back to Microsoft in July after months of grabbing marketshare from Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Cookie Rejection Rates Climbing (May 25, 2005): EcommerceTimes.

Google's Future Products May Include Operating System (April 23, 2005): Now one knows exactly what Google is working on but experts speculate that Google is secretly building software for a browser, communication tools and an operating system.

The Return of Netscape? (March 18, 2005): Netscape has launched version 8.

Firefox Growth Slows Despite IE's Security Woes (March 1, 2005): A study finds that the growth of Firefox has slowed since it grew rapidly after Microsoft's Internet Explorer was plagued with a series of security breaches and warnings.

Rumors Swirl that Ask Jeeves is Planning a Browser (February 15, 2005): After all the rumors about a possible Google browser it appears that Ask Jeeves is working with Mozilla on a possible browser concept.

Will IE Upgrade to Battle Firefox? (February 11, 2005): A recent Gartner study suggests that Firefox might not be pulling away as quickly as it appears.

Google Browser Rumors Continue (February 3, 2005): Google continued the rumors that it might be launching a browser when it hired Ben Goodger, the lead programmer of the Firefox browser.

Microsoft's Browser Dominance Slipping (January 21, 2005): Techworld.

Firefox Browser is Red Hot (November 21, 2004): The Firefox 1.

Microsoft's Browser Dominance Slipping (September 15, 2004): Microsoft still dominates the browser market with Internet Explorer but recently they have showed some slight weakness.

Google Browser Rumor Persists (September 1, 2004): Rumors, like this entry on the kottke.

Mozilla Offers Bug Bounty (August 3, 2004): Mozilla users can make $500 in cash if they can discover a serious bug in the Mozilla browser.

Mozilla Gains From IE Security Problems (July 3, 2004): Microsoft has maintained a dominant marketshare with its Internet Explorer browser for the past couple years, but the increasing number of security threats may be starting to weaken its position.

Browsers Team Up for Standard Plug-in (July 1, 2004): InternetNews.