Opera Browser Goes Ad-Free

Posted on September 21, 2005

Opera logo TechNewsWorld reports that Opera has announced that they will no longer charge for an ad-free version of their browser. The move follows a test of free registration codes for Opera on August 30 during a 24 hour period. August 30th was the 10th anniversary of the browser from Opera Software, which debuted in 1995.
Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox told TechNewsWorld that the company had a fairly good response to its anniversary promotion. "The response to Opera's free offer was probably a catalyst in this position," he said. "It may have confirmed a strategy that the Opera folks were already thinking about."
This should obviously boost usage of the browser and help it compete with its rivals. Web surfers can now download the ad-free full version of the Opera browser from the company's website, opera.com, for free.

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