Hooda Math Provides Educational Math Games

Hooda Math is a website that provides free online educational math games. Games are a great way to help children learn mathematics but they should not be the only teaching method use. The site's mascot is a smiling green figure that looks like a shirt with feet. Read more... May 31, 2018

Dropbox Files for IPO on Nasdaq

Dropbox has filed for an IPO. The company will be listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol DBX. CNBC is reporting that the company has over $1.1 billion in annual revenues. They also note Dropbox is the first big tech company to go public since Snap. Read more... February 24, 2018

AOL to End AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) on December 15, 2017

AOL has announced that AOL Instant Messenger will be shutting down. The last day will be December 15, 2017. AIM helped usher in the experience of chatting with friends and family in the 1990s. It was the dominant chat service for several years. AOL was also an early experimenter in the use of chat bots. Read more... October 6, 2017

Google Maps Adds Sharing Feature With Lists

Google Maps has added a sharing feature to Google Maps. The feature lets you track your favorite places and share them with your friends. The feature is available in the Google Maps app for Android and iOS devices. Read more... February 13, 2017

Google Unveils Gboard iPhone App

Google has unveiled its new Gboard app for the iPhone. The app was designed to make it easy for smartphone users to quickly search and send information without leaving the app you are in. Read more... May 16, 2016

Automattic to Offer .Blog Domains

Automattic announced that it has secured to rights the the .blog top-level domain. Automattic is the company behind the WordPress blogging platform. It is expected to start offering .blog domains to customers later this year. Read more... May 12, 2016

Microsoft Changes OneDrive Storage Plans, Removes Unlimited Option

Microsoft has announced that it is changing its OneDrive storage plans. The changes include the end of unlimited storage for Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscribers. These users will get 1TB of OneDrive storage instead. Read more... November 3, 2015

Google Unveils New Logo and Four Color G Icon

Google has unveiled a new logo as well as a new four color G icon. The search giant also released a video highlighting its logo changes since the company was founded 17 years ago. Read more... September 1, 2015

Yahoo Launches Livetext, a Video Texting App

Yahoo has announced the launch of an interesting new communication app called Livetext. Livetext is a video texting app that lets users stream live video without sound. In other words, it is live video with the audio always muted. The users can text back and forth with messages appearing over the video. Read more... August 1, 2015

Blue Frog Robotics Launches Buddy Robot on Indiegogo

Blue Frog Robotics recently launched its Buddy robot on Indiegogo. The campaign has already been a success and has soared passed the initial $100,000 funding goal. Blue Frog says Buddy is a modular robot that can be expanded with new accessories. Read more... July 19, 2015

Spam Email Rate Falls to 46.4%

Spam is surprisingly not as prevalent as it once was. The percentage of email that is spam has fallen under 50% from a high of over 90%. This is good news but other bigger threats have emerged. Read more... July 18, 2015

Google Adds Undo Send Feature to Gmail

Google has announced a feature called "Undo Send" for Gmail. Like it sounds the feature gives Gmail users a short time period to unsend an email. The cancellation period can be changed by users and ranges from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. The announcement was made in the Google Apps Updates blog and not in the Gmail blog. Read more... June 23, 2015

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