You Can Now Use ChatGPT Without an Account

Posted on April 2, 2024

You can now use OpenAI's ChatGPT AI tool without an account. Previously, the service required you to login to your account before you could ask ChatGPT your questions.

OpenAI says in the announcement, "We’re making it easier for people to experience the benefits of AI without needing to sign up." This will likely increase usage. Some people don't want to bother with creating numerous accounts. People may also have privacy reasons for not creating an account. You can save your history and share it by creating an account.

ChatGPT is on version 3.5 as of this writing. You can start using it at ChatGPT opens with "How can I help you today?" It gives a few examples, such as tell me a fun fact about the Roman empire. These are followed by an entry field that says "Message ChatGPT..."

ChatGPT Question Examples

Here are few suggested things to try at ChatGPT from OpenAI

These suggestions change when you reload the page.

TechCrunch notes that there is a vague notice about the loginless version having "slightly more restrictive content policies."

ChatGPT says it may use what you provide to ChatGPT to improve its models. The blog post announcement also helps you opt out of that.

And, in case you were unaware, ChatGPT makes mistakes sometimes. The site warns "ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information."

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