Technology News

Report: Reddit Signs Big Licensing Deal with Unnamed AI Company (February 18, 2024): Reddit has signed a big licensing deal with an AI company. The deal would let the AI company train its AI using Reddit content.

Sony Unveils Sony Airpeak at CES 2021 (February 7, 2021): Sony unveils its new Sony Airpeak technology at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Jeff Bezos Stepping Down as Amazon CEO (February 5, 2021): Jeff Bezos is stepping down at CEO of Amazon. Andy Jassy will become CEO and Bezos willt ransition to Executive Chair of the Amazon Board.

Microsoft Unveils Together Mode Feature for Microsoft Teams (July 9, 2020): Microsoft has unveiled a together mode feature for Microsoft Teams that puts virtual conferencing users together on the same screen with the same background.

No April Fool's for Microsoft (April 1, 2019): Microsoft sent around an internal memo banning April Fools pranks.

AOL to End AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) on December 15, 2017 (October 6, 2017): AOL Instant Messenger will come to an end on December 15, 2017. It had a long run. It first arrived in 1997.

Google Unveils New Logo and Four Color G Icon (September 1, 2015): Google has unveiled a new logo and a four color G icon.

Google Unveils New Watch Faces for Android Wear (December 10, 2014): Google has unveiled new watch faces for Android Wear. The watch designs are powered by the Watch Face API

HP to Split Into Two Companies in 2015 (October 6, 2014): HP has announced it will be split in two different companies in 2015.

Yahoo Acquires Blink, a Self-Destructing Text Messaging App (May 13, 2014): Yahoo has acquired Blink, an app for sending self-destructing text messages.

Video: ViewSonic Launches 70-Inch Interactive Display (April 26, 2014): ViewSonic has started shipping a 70-inch interactive, six-point touch smart display board.

Seagate Releases Its First 6TB Hard Drive (April 7, 2014): Seagate has released its first 6TB hard drive which it says is the fastest available.

Google May Have to Relocate Mystery Barge in San Francisco Bay (February 4, 2014): Google may have to relocate its mystery barge which is floating in the San Francisco Bay.

Stephen Colbert Reveals Plan to Defeat Google's New Military Robots (January 2, 2014): Stephen Colbert has revealed a plan to fight back against Google's new military robotics division.

E Ink Introduces Carta, Latest Version of its Electronic Ink Display (September 25, 2013): E Ink has unveiled Carta, the latest version of its electronic ink display. The technology is used for digialt signage, ebooks and other displays.

iRobot and Cisco Launch Ava 500 Video Collaboration Robot (June 20, 2013): iRobot and Cisco have partnered to launch the Avo 500 video collaboration robot, a new telepresence robot.

E Ink Introduces 1.73-inch Flexible Display for Smartwatches (June 3, 2013): E Ink has introduced a 1.73-inch flexible Mobius display for Smartwatches. The Sonostar Smartwatch is the first to use the display.

Funny Video Reveals the Google Glass Photographer (May 27, 2013): This funny video from Grovo shows how to be a Google Glass Photographer

Bullitt Mobile Launches New Cat Smartphone (May 24, 2013): Bullitt Mobile has announced a new rugged Cat B15 smartphone that can withsstand 5.9 foot drop and survive being submerged in water.

Seattle Bar Bans Google Glass (March 9, 2013): A Seattle bar has made the decision to ban Google Glass ahead of its release. The glasses are capable of recording photos and video.