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New Microsoft Software Translates Your Actual Voice Into Foreign Languages (March 12, 2012): Microsoft unveiled several new technologies at TechFest 2012 including realistic avatars and a wearable projector that project multitouch interfaces.

HP to Make WebOS Open Source (December 10, 2011): HP has announced it will make webOS open source.

Text Through Your Pants With Microsoft's PocketTouch Technology (October 19, 2011): This project from Microsoft, called PocketTouch, enables a person to use an input device through their pants or a jacket.

Gartner Expects Apple to Dominate Tablet Market This Holiday Season (September 23, 2011): Gartner reported in a press release that it expects Apple's tablet dominance to continue this holiday season.

HP Sells Tons of Discounted TouchPads. Proof There is Demand for Non Apple Tablets (August 20, 2011): HP deeply discounted its hot looking TouchPad and it quickly sold out of its stock despite being overwhelmed by traffic.

HP: Consumer PC Sales Fell 20% Last Quarter (May 18, 2011): Hewlett-Packard Co.

Microsoft Reports Q3 Profit of $5.23 Billion (April 28, 2011): Microsoft Corp.

Apple Profit Surged 95% in Its Second Quarter (April 20, 2011): Apple reports its fiscal 2011 second quarter results today.

TI to Acquire National Semiconductor (April 4, 2011): TI announced it has signed an agreement to acquire National Semiconductor for $25 a share in a $6.

Google Co-founder Larry Page to Take Over as CEO of Google (January 20, 2011): Google co-founder Larry Page will be taking over as CEO of Google in April.

Yahoo Cuts 600 Jobs (December 15, 2010): Yahoo, Inc.

Steve Jobs Discusses Flash at D8 Conference (June 4, 2010): CNN reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs reiterated his disdain for Flash technology at the D8 conference. to Let Developers Create Kindle Apps (January 22, 2010): Amazon has the launch of the Kindle Development Kit.

Google Error Describes All Websites as Harmful (January 31, 2009): Even Google makes mistakes.

Microsoft to Cut 5,000 Jobs (January 22, 2009): Microsoft has announced plans to cut 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months.

Charles Babbage's 5-Ton Calculator Comes to Life (May 14, 2008): Nathan Myhrvold, the former CTO of Microsoft, has added an extremely cool looking 19th-century mechanical calculator to his collection.

New Security Camera Uses T-Rays to See Under Clothes (March 10, 2008): A new camera can reportedly see under people's clothes from up to 25 meters away.

Study Links Heavy Cell Phone Usage to Salivary Gland Cancer (February 18, 2008): The BBC reports that a new study from Isreal has linked heavy cell phone usage to increased risk of cancer of the salivary gland.

Microsoft Finds Yahoo's Rejection Unfortunate (February 11, 2008): Earlier today Yahoo rejected Microsoft's offer saying it was too low - that it undervalues Yahoo.

Pudding Media Offers Ad-Based Phone Service (September 26, 2007): The New York Times reports that a company named Pudding Media is launching an ad-supported Internet phone service called ThePudding.