Gadget News

Google Unveils New Watch Faces for Android Wear (December 10, 2014): Google has unveiled new watch faces for Android Wear. The watch designs are powered by the Watch Face API

Israeli Company Develops Pocket-sized Molecular Sensor (May 18, 2014): An Israeli company has developed a pocket-sized molecular sensor that can be used to identify objects. The data is sent to your smartphone.

ViewSonic Launches 70-Inch Interactive Display (April 26, 2014): ViewSonic has started shipping a 70-inch interactive, six-point touch smart display board.

Target Reveals Some Black Friday Deals Through Facebook Memory Match Game (November 9, 2013): Target has shared some Black Friday deals through a Memory Match game on its Facebook page.

E Ink Introduces Carta, Latest Version of its Electronic Ink Display (September 25, 2013): E Ink has unveiled Carta, the latest version of its electronic ink display. The technology is used for digialt signage, ebooks and other displays.

Squito is a Throwable Panoramic Camera (July 15, 2013): Squito is a throwable camera that records 360 degree panoramic video and high-resolution images.

3M Debuts 46-inch Multi-Touch Display (July 4, 2013): 3M debuts 46-inch multi-touch display. Can track up to 60 simultaneous touches.

1 GHz BeagleBone Black Linux Computer Costs $45 (April 24, 2013): BeagleBoard has launched 1 Ghz BeagleBone Black Linux computer that it is selling for $45. The computer has 2GB of storage and a USB cable.

Getac Launches Rugged Android Tablet (September 6, 2012):

Weird Little Camera Lets You Take Photographs by Framing Them With Your Hands (March 28, 2012):

NMA Animates Google's Big Motorola Acquisition (August 18, 2011):

Solar Powered Sand Printer Makes Glass Objects Out of Desert Sand (June 27, 2011):

Apple iPad Will Not Read Flash (January 31, 2010):

Electrobite, a Trilobite-shaped DIY vehicle (November 14, 2009):

iTwinge: Keyboard Sleeve for iPhone (September 18, 2009):