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Google Unveils New Watch Faces for Android Wear (December 10, 2014): Google has unveiled new watch faces for Android Wear. The watch designs are powered by the Watch Face API

Israeli Company Develops Pocket-sized Molecular Sensor (May 18, 2014): An Israeli company has developed a pocket-sized molecular sensor that can be used to identify objects. The data is sent to your smartphone.

ViewSonic Launches 70-Inch Interactive Display (April 26, 2014): ViewSonic has started shipping a 70-inch interactive, six-point touch smart display board.

Target Reveals Some Black Friday Deals Through Facebook Memory Match Game (November 9, 2013): Target has shared some Black Friday deals through a Memory Match game on its Facebook page.

E Ink Introduces Carta, Latest Version of its Electronic Ink Display (September 25, 2013): E Ink has unveiled Carta, the latest version of its electronic ink display. The technology is used for digialt signage, ebooks and other displays.

Man's Voice Heard Through Hacked Baby Monitor (August 14, 2013): Parents say they heard a strange man saying their baby's name through a hacked baby monitor.

Squito is a Throwable Panoramic Camera (July 15, 2013): Squito is a throwable camera that records 360 degree panoramic video and high-resolution images.

3M Debuts 46-inch Multi-Touch Display (July 4, 2013): 3M debuts 46-inch multi-touch display. Can track up to 60 simultaneous touches.

1 GHz BeagleBone Black Linux Computer Costs $45 (April 24, 2013): BeagleBoard has launched 1 Ghz BeagleBone Black Linux computer that it is selling for $45. The computer has 2GB of storage and a USB cable.

Getac Launches Rugged Android Tablet (September 6, 2012): Getac has launched the 7-inch Getac Z710.

Weird Little Camera Lets You Take Photographs by Framing Them With Your Hands (March 28, 2012): Japan's Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences has created an unusual camera that lets you take photographs with your hands.

NMA Animates Google's Big Motorola Acquisition (August 18, 2011): The expert animators at Taiwanese Next Media Animation (NMA) have animated the Google Motorola deal.

Foam Printer Sends Letters Into the Sky (September 14, 2010): This is one of the coolest printers we have ever seen. It is a foam printer that sends foam letters floating away.

Apple iPad Will Not Read Flash (January 31, 2010): Apple's iPad promises an amazing web surfing experience but there is a major downside that makes the surfing experience less amazing: no Flash.

iTwinge: Keyboard Sleeve for iPhone (September 18, 2009): iTwinge is a real QWERTY physical keyboard that appears to fit on the iPhone like a sleeve.

Strange Gel Remote is Weird and Pointless (June 20, 2009): This weird thing is called a gel remote.

Andy Jordan Discusses Zune's Z2K9 Issues (January 3, 2009): The recent Zune meltdown had many 30GB Zune owners in a panicked state.

Android May Sell 400,000 Units in 4th Quarter (September 24, 2008): Geeks and app developers are excited about the launched of T-Mobile's Google Android powered phone.

Apple Rapidly Sells 3 Million iPhones (August 13, 2008): Fortune is reporting that Apple has quickly sold 3 million of the new iPhones.

Microsoft Surface Sphere Would Make Cool Interactive Globes (August 12, 2008): This is new product from Microsoft Research.