Photography News

Google Uses Camels to Capture Arabian Desert on Street View (October 11, 2014): Google used camels to capture the Arabian desert on street view. The Liwa Desert is seen in the imagery.

Centr Camera Captures 360 Degree HD Video on Pocket-Sized Device (May 5, 2014): The Centr Camera captures panoramic video on a pocket-sized device.

Squito is a Throwable Panoramic Camera (July 15, 2013): Squito is a throwable camera that records 360 degree panoramic video and high-resolution images.

Funny Video Reveals the Google Glass Photographer (May 27, 2013): This funny video from Grovo shows how to be a Google Glass Photographer

Imgur Adds Mail In Your Image Service (April 1, 2013):

Weird Little Camera Lets You Take Photographs by Framing Them With Your Hands (March 28, 2012):

Technology Realistically Inserts Objects Into Existing Photographs (October 15, 2011):

Throwable Ball Camera Takes Full Spherical Panoramas (October 14, 2011):

Google Adds Sort by Subject to Google Images (May 9, 2011):

Study: Women Who Base Self Worth on Appearance Tend to Share More Photographs on Facebook (March 19, 2011):

Keith Loutit's Short Film Bathtub (March 5, 2010):

Adobe Launches Free Photo-Editing Software (March 28, 2008):

Flickr Outrage at Possible Microsoft Yahoo Acquisition (February 1, 2008):

Panoramic Photo Sharing at ViewAt (September 29, 2007):

Graphita Photo Bling (July 29, 2007):