Photography News

Adobe Launches Photoshop Camera App (June 13, 2020): Adobe has launched its new Photoshop Camera app for Android users. Version 1.0 is available on the Google Play store

Google Uses Camels to Capture Arabian Desert on Street View (October 11, 2014): Google used camels to capture the Arabian desert on street view. The Liwa Desert is seen in the imagery.

Centr Camera Captures 360 Degree HD Video on Pocket-Sized Device (May 5, 2014): The Centr Camera captures panoramic video on a pocket-sized device.

Squito is a Throwable Panoramic Camera (July 15, 2013): Squito is a throwable camera that records 360 degree panoramic video and high-resolution images.

Funny Video Reveals the Google Glass Photographer (May 27, 2013): This funny video from Grovo shows how to be a Google Glass Photographer

Imgur Adds Mail In Your Image Service (April 1, 2013): Imgur, an image hosting service, has announced a new service that lets you mail in your image.

Weird Little Camera Lets You Take Photographs by Framing Them With Your Hands (March 28, 2012): Japan's Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences has created an unusual camera that lets you take photographs with your hands.

Technology Realistically Inserts Objects Into Existing Photographs (October 15, 2011): University of Illinois researchers, lead by Kevin Karsch, have developed an impressive technology that inserts objects into photographs as if they had been there all along.

Throwable Ball Camera Takes Full Spherical Panoramas (October 14, 2011): This throwable ball camera takes full spherical panoramas.

Google Adds Sort by Subject to Google Images (May 9, 2011): Google now offers sort by subject when search the Google Images database.

Study: Women Who Base Self Worth on Appearance Tend to Share More Photographs on Facebook (March 19, 2011): A study led by University at Buffalo researcher Michael A.

Keith Loutit's Short Film Bathtub (March 5, 2010): Sydney based photographer Keith Loutit used time-lapse photography and tilted lenses to make this short film called "Bathtub.

Adobe Launches Free Photo-Editing Software (March 28, 2008): Adobe has launched a free web version of Photoshop - its popular photo-editing software - called Photoshop Express.

Flickr Outrage at Possible Microsoft Yahoo Acquisition (February 1, 2008): Tech blogs are buzzing with the possibility of Microsoft acquiriing Yahoo.

Panoramic Photo Sharing at ViewAt (September 29, 2007): A new photo sharing service called ViewAt allows users to share cool panoramic photographs.

Graphita Photo Bling (July 29, 2007): A new graphic editing tool called Graphita allows you to add captions, objects, bubbles, words and doodles to photographs.

Adobe Planning Hosted Online Version of Photoshop (April 9, 2007): Adobe is going to take Photoshop online according to a CNET news story.

3-D Face Scanning: Immortalize Your Face (February 26, 2007): Wired reporter Alexander Gelfand writes about how he had his face immortalized using new 3-D scanning technology.

Polar Rose Combines Image Search and Facial Recognition (January 4, 2007): A website called PolarRose.

Digital Artist's Tool: Cintiq Tablet (December 6, 2006): Kevin Kelly is blogging about the Wacom Cintiq table which is a pen-based digital tablet you can draw on.

Riya Search Tool Offers Image Queries (November 20, 2006): Like is a new search tool from Riya Inc.

Zooomr Enters Photo Sharing Marketplace (November 10, 2006): TechCrunch reports that a new photo sharing website called Zooomr is offering more photo upload and hosting space than Flickr.

Web Surfers Are Building the New Web (September 19, 2005): BusinessWeek has an interesting article that says the new web is being built by you -- the web surfer.

New Media Storage Website Launches (March 28, 2005): The online storage industry is expected to grow rapidly.