Search Engine News

Google Unveils Gboard iPhone App (May 16, 2016): Google has unveiled its new iPhone app called Gboard. The app makes it easy to use mobile search from within any app.

Google Webmaster Tools Renamed Google Search Console (May 22, 2015): Google Webmaster Tools has been renamed as Google Search Console. Google says not everyone is a webmaster that uses GWT.

Google Loses Some Search Marketshare (January 8, 2015): Google loses some search marketshare as Yahoo's jumps.

Giphy, a GIF Search Engine, Raises $2.4 Million in Financing (June 2, 2014): Giphy, a GIF search engine, has raised $2.4 million in a financial round.

Google Launches Hummingbird Algorithm and Celebrates 15th Birthday (September 27, 2013): Google is celebrating its fifteenth birthday. It has also launched a new Hummingbird algorithm this week. Hummingbird actually went into effect a month ago.

Google Unveils New Conversational Style Voice Command Search (May 16, 2013): Googe unveils a more conversational style voice command search for Chrome at its press event.

Matt Cutts Talks 2013 Google Penguin Update (May 14, 2013): Google has a mjor Penguin update coming out this summer. Matt Cutts says Penguin will have a bigger impact than the first Penguin update in 2012.

Microsoft Extends Revenue Guarantee With Yahoo (May 7, 2013): Microsoft has extended its revenue guarantee with Yahoo for an additional year. The deal comes amidst rumors Yahoo is trying to get out of its Microsoft search deal.

Guardian Animated Guide Explains Future of Search (April 21, 2013):

Google Adds Animated Gifs to Image Search (March 19, 2013):

Google Releases Zeitgeist 2012 Video and Search Results (December 15, 2012):

Very Slight Gain for Google in February 2012 U.S. Search Engine Rankings (March 11, 2012):

Google Releases Google Search Features Video (February 25, 2012):

Use of Longer Search Queries Climbs in August 2011 (September 20, 2011):

Google: Osama bin Laden Searches Surged 1 Million Percent Following His Death (May 3, 2011): Google says searches for Osama bin Laden surged 1 million percent following his death from an invasion by U.S. special forces.