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Microsoft to Power Yahoo Search (July 30, 2009): The long awaited Microsoft Yahoo deal has happened.

Mobile Phone Apps vs. The Internet: Which Will Be Bigger? (July 20, 2009): Wired reports that Google's Vic Gundotra believes the future of the mobile industry is web-based application not mobile apps like those in the iTunes stores.

Google Launches Google Squared (June 17, 2009): Sometimes it is easier to review information if it is contained in a database.

Microsoft Launches Bing to Challege Google (May 31, 2009): The name of Microsoft's new search engine is Bing.

Microsoft to Launch New Search Engine Named Bing (May 28, 2009): Microsoft is planning to launch a new search engine called Bing.

Google Launches Similar Images Feature (April 20, 2009): Google has launched a Google Labs feature called Similar Images.

Search Engine Queries Are Getting Longer (March 4, 2009): Internet Retailer reports that data from Hitwise found that Internet search queries of five words or more increased by 10% year over year in January.

Google Search VP Marissa Mayer Talks Search Trends (December 3, 2008): Google's Vice President of Search Product and User Experience Marissa Ann Mayer was on the Today Show talking about some of the trends.

Regular Visitors Far More Valuable Than Search Visitors (March 20, 2008): The New York Times reports on a new study that measured the value of search engine click-throughs based on whether or not the people who clicked over would purchase something.

Create Search Engines at Topical (March 19, 2008): A new website called Topical allows users to create search engines that will search a small number of websites.

Surf Canyon: Queryless Discovery Engine (October 2, 2007): CNET's News.

Microsoft Upgrades Live Search in Battle With Google (September 27, 2007): Microsoft is phasing in an upgrade to Live Search.

Google to Anonymize Search Data (April 10, 2007): Google has posted that they plan to start anonymizing their server logs after 18-24 months in a move towards more privacy for Google search users.

Microsoft Acquires Medstory (February 27, 2007): The New York Times reports that Microsoft has acquired Medstory, a medical search provider.

Editors Working on DMOZ Again (February 26, 2007): Shadow575, a volunteer editor for the DMOZ Open Directory Project, reported recently that DMOZ has opened editor access up again to the volunteer editors.

Google Adds Malware Warning to Search Results (February 13, 2007): Google is now flagging pages that may contain harmful malware that could damage your search results.

Wikipedia Founder to Launch Search Engine Called Wikiasari (December 23, 2006): The Times Online reports that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales plans to launch a search engine called Wikiasari.

Very Unsimilar Search Results for Google, Yahoo and AOL (December 19, 2006): Rough Type looks at the top search results for 2006 from Google, Yahoo and AOL and finds there is no similarity.

Visual Web Search With Pagebull (December 11, 2006): Pagebull was once a visual search engine that gives you an idea of what pages look like before you visit them. Goes Local With AskCity (December 4, 2006): Ask.