Google Launches Google Squared

Posted on June 17, 2009

Sometimes it is easier to review information if it is contained in a database. Examples include baseball statistics and financial information. Google uses the example of rollercoasters in its explanation of its new search feature called Google Squared.

In the past I've used Google to search for information about roller coasters, such as which ones are the tallest, fastest, and have the most loops. Finding this information used to take multiple searches - I'd find roller coaster sizes on one website, heights on another, and speeds on a third. By manually comparing the sites, I could get the information I was looking for, but it took some time. With Google Squared, a new feature just released in Google Labs, I can find my roller coaster facts almost instantly.
The Google Squared site includes many different databases for mountains, dog breeds, presidents, poets, cloud types and more. Not everything is easier in a database form but it sure makes it easier when you need to make comparisons.

Google Squared was shut down by Google in late 2011 along with Google Sets. Both services were Google Labs experiments.

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