Email News

Google Terminates Gmail Mic Drop April Fool's Day Feature After it Backfires (April 1, 2016): Google quickly terminated its Gmail Mic Drop April Fool's joke after it backfired and users sent unwanted mic drop emails to their bosses and colleagues.

Spam Email Rate Falls to 46.4% (July 18, 2015): The percentage of email that is spam has fallen to 46.4%, a low not seen since September 2003.

Google Adds Undo Send Feature to Gmail (June 23, 2015): Google has added an Undo Send feature to Gmail. Now you can finally unsend an email, although you have just a short time to unsend it.

Yahoo Lets Users Login Into Email Using Mobile Phone (March 16, 2015): Yahoo email users can now long in using their mobile phone.

AOL Warns of Unauthorized Access to AOL Accounts (May 1, 2014): AOL has warned of unauthorized access to a significant number of AOL accounts.

AOL Mail Takes Action to Thwart Major Spoofing Attack (April 23, 2014): AOL Mail is taking action to attempt to thwart a major spoofing attack.

Gmail Turns Ten Years Old (April 1, 2014): Gmail turned ten years old today. The email service officially launched on April 1, 2014.

Yahoo Resets Passwords After Accounts Are Comprised in Third-Party Breach (February 1, 2014): Yahoo reset the passwords on some Yahoo Mail accounts after passwords and usernames were compromised in a hack.

Microsoft Creates Gmail Parody Called Gmail Man (August 1, 2011): Microsoft created this Gmail parody called Gmail Man.

Microsoft Relaunches Hotmail Email Service (May 18, 2010): Microsoft is relaunching its Hotmail email service to better compete with Google's Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Xobni Microsoft Outlook Plug-in Getting High Praise (August 8, 2008): Xobni is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that has been garnering a large number of positive reviews.

Show Off Your Inbox Zero Victory (July 30, 2008): An iniative called Inbox Victory from the F.

20% of U.S. Population Has Never Sent an Email (May 19, 2008): Not everyone is using the Internet.

Orgoo Integrates Your Email, IM, SMS (May 14, 2007): TechCrunch is blogging about a new Ajax-based service called Orgoo.

Google Opens Gmail. Invitations No Longer Needed (February 8, 2007): Google's email service called Gmail is now open to everyone -- an invitation is no longer needed.

New Spam Trick: Pretend to be an Email Newsletter (January 18, 2007): Spammers are disguising their annoying spam messages as legitimate email newsletters.

The Value of TinyURL (December 11, 2006): David Berlind at ZDNet sees great value in the Internet's leading URL shortener.

Zimbra Has 4 Million Paid Accounts (November 3, 2006): TechCrunch profiles a company called Zimbra that has found success offering online mailboxes and collaboration software.

Study Finds Google Mail Improving at Spam Recognition (October 2, 2006): The New York Times reports that a study from Lyris has found that Google's Gmail service is getting much better at recognizing spam.

Free AOL Gaining Customers (September 19, 2006): Reuters reports that Time Warner claims its AOL service is gaining customers, including new customers, following the offering of free services to broadband customers.

Spam Now 95% of Email (August 1, 2006): Spam now makes up over 95% of all emails.

How Bill Gates Works (April 4, 2006): CNN has an article by Bill Gates about how he works and what kinds of hardware and software he uses.

Email Filters and Fee-based Email (March 10, 2006): Wired has an interesting article about the rise of filters and how many ISP filters end up removing too much legitimate mail.

Free as an Internet Business Model (February 6, 2006): A Financial Times article offers an interest look at the buzz surrounding business models that offer a "free" product.

AOL to Offer Free Content (June 9, 2005): AOL is removing the "walled garden" approach to its huge collection of Time Warner content.

What Happens to Your Email When You're Dead? (June 1, 2005): After you are dead and gone from this world what happens to your email, your blogs, your social networking accounts? If it is hosted on a free account it might just sit there for a very long time before eventually being removed by the host.

AOL to Offer Free Email (May 11, 2005): Reuters reports that AOL will be offering free email accounts to users of the web-based AOL Instant Messenger service.

President Will Not Email (April 19, 2005): U.

AOL to Offer Free Email (December 23, 2004): Newsfactor reports AOL plans to enter the free email arena and compete with Yahoo, Hotmail and Google which offer different free and fee-based email services.

Firms Monitor Outgoing Email (July 12, 2004): A new study from security software provider Proofpointfirms found that 43% of companies are reading more outbound email than ever.

Opting Out of Spam is Difficult (April 27, 2004): Tom Spring, a Senior Writer for PC World, recently ran a test to see how difficult it is to opt of spam emails now that the CAN SPAM law is active.

MiMail Virus Poses as PayPal Email (November 14, 2003): The latest version of the MiMail worm (W32.