Web Storage News

Dropbox Files for IPO on Nasdaq (February 24, 2018): Dropbox has filed for an IPO. They will trade under the Nasdaq ticker symbol DBX.

Microsoft Changes OneDrive Storage Plans, Removes Unlimited Option (November 3, 2015): Microsoft is changing its OneDrive storage plan. The changes include the removal of the unlimited storage plan.

Seagate Releases Its First 6TB Hard Drive (April 7, 2014): Seagate has released its first 6TB hard drive which it says is the fastest available.

Kim Dotcom's Mega Service to Offer 50GB of Free Storage (January 17, 2013): Kim Dotcom revealed in a tweet that his new cloud storage service, Mega, will offer user 50GB of free storage for free.

Storage Merger: Western Digital Acquires Hitachi Global Storage (March 7, 2011): Western Digital is acquiring Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.

Hard Drive Storage Gets Super Cheap in 2020 (October 25, 2009): Physorg.

Seagate to Offer 300 TB Drive by 2010 (January 4, 2007): ITWire is reporting that Seagate will offer a 300 TB 3.

USB Drives from PNY Show School Spirit (September 8, 2006): Finally there is a gadget for people who feel the need to transport files and support their favorite college sports team at the same time.

HP Invents Tiny Wireless Data Chip (July 31, 2006): Hewlett Packard (HP) announced that they have developed a miniature wireless data chip they called the Memory Spot.

Freescale Develops Working Mram Chip (July 25, 2006): The BBC reports on a Freescale announcement that is has developed a working half-megabyte magnetoresistive random-access memory or Mram chip.

Amazon's S3 Finds Market in Storage (July 17, 2006): Amazon.

CNET Launches AllYouCanUpload Image Site (June 2, 2006): CNET has launched a free, user-friendly image hosting website called AllYouCanUpload.

Amazon Debuts Online Storage Service (March 16, 2006): Amazon.

Seagate Drives Boost Storage Capacity (January 17, 2006): The Associated Press reports that Seagate has come out with a new drive that uses perpendicular recording to jump the notebook's hard drive up to 160 gigabytes from 120 gigabytes.

AOL Buys Xdrive Online Storage Service (August 8, 2005): AOL has acquired Xdrive, an online service that provides secure online storage for digital files, including music files and video.

Terabyte Storage Will Soon be Ordinary (June 14, 2005): The BBC has an interesting article about the future of personal consumer storage which is getting closer to being measured in terabytes.