Spam News

Spam Email Rate Falls to 46.4% (July 18, 2015): The percentage of email that is spam has fallen to 46.4%, a low not seen since September 2003.

How to Stop Junk Faxes (October 11, 2013): Here is some advice on stopping junk faxes. There is no real easy way to stop them but there are some things you can do such as notify the state attorney general.

New Spam Trick: Pretend to be an Email Newsletter (January 18, 2007): Spammers are disguising their annoying spam messages as legitimate email newsletters.

Have Yourself a Very Spammy Christmas (November 20, 2006): It is that time of year again when your email boxes start to get more and more spam in them.

Spam Now 95% of Email (August 1, 2006): Spam now makes up over 95% of all emails.

Blue Security Ends Aggressive Spam Fight (May 18, 2006): Blue Security used to wage war against spammers by engaging in denial-of-service attacks on the spammers.

Email Filters and Fee-based Email (March 10, 2006): Wired has an interesting article about the rise of filters and how many ISP filters end up removing too much legitimate mail.

Spam Growth Rate Slowing (January 12, 2005): There is some finally some good news in the fight against spam.

Make Love Not Spam (December 6, 2004): The BBC reports that Lycos Europe's Make Love, Not Spam campaign has ceased after complaints over its spam-fighting practices.

Pfizer: Viagra Spam is Not From Us (September 21, 2004): Pfizer has launched an advertising campaign to tell people that it is not spamming email boxes about the wonders of its Viagra product.

First Spam. Now Spim (August 22, 2004): Unfortunately spam will no longer just happen to your email.

Poll: Some Succumb to Spam Offers (July 27, 2004): Not everyone is able to simply ignore and delete spam according to a new study discussed in a USA Today article.

US, UK and Aussies Team Up to Fight Spam (July 6, 2004): This is something that is good to see.

Spam Costly to Businesses (June 14, 2004): ZDNet reports that Nucleus, a research firm, found spam is costing almost $2,000 per employee after interviews with over eighty Fortune 500 companies.

Opting Out of Spam is Difficult (April 27, 2004): Tom Spring, a Senior Writer for PC World, recently ran a test to see how difficult it is to opt of spam emails now that the CAN SPAM law is active.

Spammers Target Blogs (October 26, 2003): First email got spammed and now weblogs are also receiving spam messages.

Survey Confirms It: Spam Sucks (October 23, 2003): People's loathing of spam certainly comes as no surprise.

Unfortunately Spam Can Generate Sales (August 20, 2003): Spam is awful and annoying, but it apparently does generate sales even for the most misleading of spammers.