How to Stop Junk Faxes

Posted on October 11, 2013

Junk faxes are the fax version of spam and they can be more irritating than spam messages, which can be blocked and filtered to some extent. L.A. Times Columnist David Lazarus runs an Ask Laz advice column. He recently did a segment on junk faxes. Sadly, there is not a Do Not Call option for faxes. Lazarus advises against calling the "unsubscribe" number provided by the faxer because it lets the spam faxer know they have a live target. He says the best move is to contact your state attorney general.

The Consumerist has a few more ideas here, such as filing a complaint with the FCC and notifying the advocacy site. also has a list of ten different steps you can take against junk faxers. They advise saving your junk faxes as evidence if you plan to take any action.

Take a look:

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