Perplexity AI Hits Unicorn Status After New Fundraising Round

Posted on April 23, 2024

Perplexity is an AI search company. They have reached unicorn status having achieved a $1 billion valuation with a new fundraising round.

Crunchbase reported last month that Perplexity was nearing a deal that would give it the unicorn valuation. Now, a new Bloomberg report confirms the $1 billion evaluation.

Bloomberg says the startup uses AI to compete with Google. Google is also using AI more and more to provide search results and other features.

Perplexity is free to use. You can use it without a login. It also has a fee-based Pro service that includes access to its most powerful search, image uploads, unlimited file uploads and more.

Perplexity recently released this video showing how its search works. It takes inputs in the form of natural questions, like "Why do hedgehogs role into a ball" and "How to pick ripe watermelon." Perplexity says on YouTube, "Perplexity was founded on the belief that searching for information should be a straightforward, efficient experience, free from the influence of advertising-driven models."

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