Read AI Raises $21 Million in Series A Financing

Posted on April 2, 2024

A company named Read AI announced $21 million raised in series A financing. The financing was led by Goodwater Capital.

Read AI specializes in generating AI summaries of emails, messages and meetings. Read's AI agents work with Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to provide AI summarizes dubbed "Readouts."

David Shim, Co-Founder and CEO of Read AI, says, "Read is about getting to the heart of work – creating value, not sorting emails, expanding threads, and sitting in meetings. Read AI brings together your meetings, emails, and messages and transforms them into collaborative partners, so that they talk to each other, share information, offer updates, find answers, and organize tasks through connected intelligence. By turning dialogue into action, Read ensures every conversation moves you to value and impact."

Read AI says these are some of the auto-updates AI provides throughout the day:

See Techmeme for more.

Here's a video about how Read AI helps boost productivity and automatically generate meeting notes.

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