Domain Name News

Automattic to Offer .Blog Domains (May 12, 2016): Automattic announced that it has secured to rights the the .blog top-level domain. It will soon start offering them to customers.

Google Launches Domain Name Service (July 7, 2014): Google has launched a domain name service called Google Domains. It is currently in invite-only mode.

New York City Launches .nyc Top-Level Domain (July 2, 2013): New York City has announced the launch of the .nyc top-level domain. It is expected to become available in late 2013.

Google Drops 11 Million Sites (July 6, 2011): The Register reports that Google has dropped all .

Canon to Seek .Canon TLD (April 10, 2010): The Next Web reports that Canon is the first company to pursue a top-level domain under its own name.

Study Finds High Percentage of Domains Registered With False Information (February 27, 2010): The Register reports that a new study has found that 77% of domain names are "stuffed with rubbish.

Pace of Domain Registrations Slows (October 10, 2009): Internet News reports that Verisign reported that the number of registered domains climbed to 184 million in the second quarter of 2009.

Jennifer Lopez Defeats Cybersquatter (April 9, 2009): Reuters reports that actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has won her cybersquatting complaint.

Domain Renewal Lapse Costs Bush Library $35,000 (December 18, 2008): It isn't hard to forget to renew a domain name, especially if you manage a lot of them for multiple people. Could Fetch $300 to $400 Million (June 23, 2007): The Wall Street Journal reports that Jake Winebaum and Sky Dayton who bought business. Domain Name Sells For $25,200 (January 26, 2007): Earlier this week RawStory.

Non-English Domains Could Create Domain Confusion (November 27, 2006): The Sydney Moring Herald reports that ICANN chief executive Paul Twomey has raised serious concerns about expanding website domain names to include non-English characters.

Bidders Don't Think is Worth $1 Million (October 30, 2006): Pocket-lint reports that even with Halloween approaching the Hell.

Dotmobi Domain Rush Expected (October 5, 2006): BBC News reports that a rush in people buying domain names is expected now that the general public can register .

Selling Domains is a Lucrative Business (May 10, 2006): Selling domains has become a lucrative business for some.

Good Luck Finding a Domain Name (March 29, 2006): An article on Yafla.

Sales of .US Domains are Climbing (November 23, 2005): The .

US Retains Control of Internet's Root Servers (July 11, 2005): The Register reports that a statement by the United States government sent shockwaves around the Internet world.

GoDaddy CEO Blogs About .us Privacy Decision (March 29, 2005): In February, the National Telecommunications and Information Association ("NTIA") made a decision that will disallow new private domain name registrations on .

No More Anonymous .us Domains (March 5, 2005): Wired reports that the U.

Will Google Offer Web Hosting Services? (February 16, 2005): Google's recent approval as an ICANN-accredited registrar has sparked speculation that the company may be considering entering into the domain selling and web hosting businesses.

Oops. Dick Cheney Makes Web Mistake (October 8, 2004): Dick Cheney made a big web mistake during his debate with John Edwards.

VeriSign Reconsiders Controversial Search Service (February 9, 2004): Verisign is reconsidering its controversial search service which could profit from typos made when surfers input incorrect web URLs.