Domain Name Sells For $25,200

Posted on January 26, 2007

Earlier this week reported the domain name was about to sell for over $25,000 in an eBay auction.

A sale on eBay of a URL that will attract the strongest detractors of President George W. Bush could fetch a savvy investor a heavy return tomorrow. As of this afternoon, the going cost in an auction of '' is up to more than $25,000.

The auction of the internet address '' will take its last bid on January 20th. With 50 bids recorded, the highest is $25,100. The seller claims that the address gets heavy hits without ever having been used as a developed website. Statistics presented on the eBay page claim close to 4 million searches via Yahoo, and more than 1.5 million on Google.

The winning bid of $25,000 webt to a user with the name azmo-bargain. The are several other impeach bush items on eBay but nothing as significant as the domain name. Dot com domain names generally do the best so a or a would produce as high of a final bid.

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