Dotmobi Domain Rush Expected

Posted on October 5, 2006

Dot MobiBBC News reports that a rush in people buying domain names is expected now that the general public can register .mobi domains.
The mobile web is about to receive the biggest shake-up in years with the start of open registration for mobile phone-specific website addresses.

The general public can now register websites ending with .mobi (dotmobi) as the backers of the mobile net hope to overturn consumer apathy.

Only one in 10 mobile owners use their phones to surf the net due to concerns over cost, speed and poor content.

Sites ending dotmobi are designed for phones and must meet agreed standards.

The .mobi domains had been already available for trademark holders through a sunrise period. There are fears that cyber squatters will grab up names now that registration has opened up to the public and anyone can buy a .mobi domain. Some trademark holders are annoyed by the growing number of domains being made available. The BBC says that Mobile Top Level Domain (MTLD) is expecting 200,000 mobile sites to be registered in 2007.

Domain Informer reports that 100,000 .mobi domains were sold in the first four days.

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