Sales of .US Domains are Climbing

Posted on November 23, 2005

The .us domains are more in demand this year. Prices for the domains are rising. reports that .us domain sales were 21% higher in Q3 than in the Q2 of this year.

E-Commerce Times also says the domain marketplace tells them some organizations are switching to a .us domain extension instead of using a .com. The .us registry says the registrations have climbed 21% this year.

The article said one of the reasons for the increased usage is purchases of the domains by foreigners. The article quotes an expert who says in other countries the country extensions are much more popular -- in the U.S. it is the .com domains that are the most popular.

Matt Bentley, chief executive officer of, told E-Commerce Times, "Outside the United States and most notably across Europe, most domain extensions are affiliated with the country in which the company operates. However, in the U.S., the standard is the .com extension. Many organizations, especially those based overseas, are strengthening their identity in American markets with a .US domain. As the extension grows in popularity, the value of owning a .US domain increases dramatically."

These kinds of reports will probably spur even more .us purchases as companies purchase .us domain names to keep others from buying them.

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