Study Finds High Percentage of Domains Registered With False Information

Posted on February 27, 2010

The Register reports that a new study has found that 77% of domain names are "stuffed with rubbish." These domains were register with false, incomplete, or unverifiable information. Some of this is because domain registrants want their privacy but there is also intentionally misleading information in registered domain names put there by scammers. The Register says the domain name study found 29% of domains are registered with false or suspicious information.

Worse, an extraordinary 29 per cent of domains are registered with patently false or suspicious information - a shady sign of online criminalty. The remaining 48 per cent of faulty registrations are in a grey area where people are either unaware or unwilling to hand over their identifying details.
This is a big jump from a 2005 study that found just 5% of domains contained information that was clearly false. Unfortunately, the results only confirm what you see arrive in your email box each day and on the Internet. There is a lot of filth and scammy stuff out there and it appears to only be getting worse.

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