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Steven Levy: What Google Knows About You (May 12, 2011): American journalist Steven Levy talks about what Google knows about you. He wrote a book called In the Plex

Yahoo Increases Search Data Retention Period From 3 Months to 18 Months (April 22, 2011):

Tiny Microscopic Printer Dots Destroy Laser Printer Anonymity (July 26, 2008):

Can You Scrub Away Your Digital Footprint? (April 10, 2008):

Google to Anonymize Search Data (April 10, 2007):

AOL Sued Over Release of Personal Search Data (September 26, 2006):

AOL Releases Customer Search Keywords (August 10, 2006):

Hank's Hard Drive Nightmare (June 12, 2006):

Feds: All Your Internet Activity Are Belong to Us (May 26, 2006):

Judge: Don't Fire Web Surfing Worker (May 2, 2006):

Google Refuses to Turn Over Search Data to Feds (January 20, 2006):

Security Fears Stop Some From Surfing Web (November 3, 2005):

How to Become UnGoogleable (October 24, 2005):

eBay Buys Skype (September 12, 2005):

Don't Google Google Executives (August 17, 2005):