Don't Google Google Executives

Posted on August 17, 2005

Do you ever use Google to find out more about Google executives? You might be upsetting them if you do, especially if publish some of the information you find in an article. The New York Times reports that Google executives don't like to be googled.

CNET recently ran a story by Elinor Mills that revealed some information about Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The article also explored some of the many ways Google is recording people's email and search habits. The New York Times says Google was so upset by the article that they told CNET no more interviews for a year.

The Times says CNET received a complaint from David Krane, Google's director of public relations. Jai Singh, the editor in chief of CNET says, "They were unhappy about the fact we used Schmidt's private information in our story. Our view is what we published was all public information, and we actually used their own product to find it."

Krane also says Google says it will not speak to any reporter from CNET for a year.

It will be interesting to see if Google is able to keep its promise of not talking to anyone at CNET until July, 2006. Wired says that Google's boycott misses the mark.

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