Security Fears Stop Some From Surfing Web

Posted on November 3, 2005

Wired reports that security fears, like identity theft, have caused some people to cut back on their web surfing and shopping. Shopping appears to be taking a bigger hit than web surfing.

As identity theft has grown, so has fear of being victimized through high-tech means. A new study finds some computer users are cutting back on time spent surfing the internet. Some have also stopped buying altogether on the web.

The report from Consumer Reports WebWatch finds nearly a third of those surveyed say they've reduced their overall website use.

Some 80 percent of internet users say they're at least somewhat concerned someone could steal their identity from personal information on the internet. A majority of users asked say they've stopped giving out personal information on the web and a quarter say they've stopped buying online.

There are tons of software companies that offer products like spyware removal and anonymous surfing. Interest in these types of services may continue to increase if Microsoft and other browser software providers cannot prevent threats more easily.

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