Digital Bullying Upsetting Some Kids

Posted on June 7, 2005

A recent survey found that digital bullying is upsetting some kids who receive threats or abuse from bullies using digital technology like cell phones, computers, digital cameras, etc. The digital era does give bullies a new tool. The bullying can also be done anonymously which offers mean kids a way to pick up people without even having to identify themselves.

CNET's Missing Link blog has a report on a new digital bullying survey U.K. children's charity NCH. It found that bullying by text message is the most common form of digital abuse. 14% of kids say they have received an upsetting message at least once on a mobile phone.

Another 10% said they had experience bullying with a camera phone. These kids agreed with a statement that a camera phone had been used "in a way that made them feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or threatened."

Bullying is a sad reality of childhood that will never completely go away but everything must be done to minimize it. Clearly, digital bullying is going to be a big problem. Digital bullies will have to be reprimanded and the bullied will need resources to help them cope.

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