AlwaysOn Tackles Multiple Login Annoyance

Posted on August 2, 2005

Wired reports that the AlwaysOn Network is planning to launch the GoingOn network this fall which will offer a solution to the annoying multiple login problem. GoingOn will have one login for multiple tasks from blogging to swapping photos. They are calling it an "identity hub."

Calling it a "digital lifestyle aggregator," Canter promises that individuals will need just one login and password to check news feeds, publish blog posts, manage social networks and swap photos or music online -- all while being able to access the same services they currently use.

GoingOn will also have its own social-networking component built in, but Canter is adamant that he's not trying to get other products to run on his platform. Instead, his goal is interoperability; in his words, "We will become an identity hub."

But more importantly GoingOn wants to shift control of identity from merchants back to the user.
According to their vision, a company like would no longer demand that you hand over tons of personal information before giving you an account and selling you a book. Instead, you, as the would-be purchaser, would offer Amazon whatever information you feel comfortable giving out -- such as your name, address and payment details -- and the retailer would be put in the position of accepting or rejecting your purchase.
It sounds like something that could work for simpler tasks like online registrations and logging into web tools like blogging and photosharing. However, the ecommerce aspect sounds more complex and merchants would probably be reluctant to lose control in this area since they like to resell consumer information. Wired also points out that Microsoft's Passport system failed in an attempt to build a similar tool.

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