Oops. Dick Cheney Makes Web Mistake

Posted on October 8, 2004

Dick Cheney made a big web mistake during his debate with John Edwards. Cheney was trying to accuse Edwards of being mistaken when Edwards brought up illegal Halliburton deals with Iran and Libya, so Cheney referred listeners to the non-existing website factcheck.com where he said people can find the real facts. However, the site Cheney should have used was factcheck.org not factcheck.com. Factcheck.com redirects users to the George Soros website at georgesoros.com which is highly critical of the Bush administration. To make things worse for Cheney factcheck.org (the website Cheney meant to say) did not even contain information disputing the charges Edwards made about Halliburton, where Cheney had been CEO.

Source: USAToday.com

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