No More Anonymous .us Domains

Posted on March 5, 2005

Wired reports that the U.S. Commerce Department has ordered an end to anonymously registered .us domains, or proxy registrations. Wired said the order came from an organization called the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, which is part of the U.S. Commerce Department. Wired wrote, "The agency ruled with no warning and without any discussion with the companies accredited to sell and register .us domains. The domain companies were told they would lose their right to sell .us domains -- the official, top-level domain for the United States -- if they didn't comply." Go Daddy, a domain registrar, is angry about the ruling because they said they received no warning and they have over 20,000 .us domains registered using proxy services. Registrants use proxy so their contant information won't show up on Whois database searches.

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