Domain Renewal Lapse Costs Bush Library $35,000

Posted on December 18, 2008

Bush Library

It isn't hard to forget to renew a domain name, especially if you manage a lot of them for multiple people. However, you can set domains tp auto-renew and there are usually multiple chances offered to renew a domain name before it is made to others. When web companies make a mistake like forgetting to renew a domain it can often be very costly.

Domain grabbers capitalized on the mistake of a web company that worked for the George W. Bush Presidential Library. The Bush Library web firm forgot to renew the domain and a domain grabber scooped up the domain for just $10 when it lapsed. The George W. Bush Presidential Library then had to buy the domain back for $35,000.

Update: The library now uses a domain at The library is on SMU's campus. The library website can be found here.

Photo: George W. Bush Presidential Library

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