Yahoo Lets Users Login Into Email Using Mobile Phone

Posted on March 16, 2015

Yahoo email users can now login into their accounts using their mobile phone. Yahoo calls the new feature an on-demand password.

Yahoo explains the new password feature here in a blog post. Users sign into their Yahoo email account. They then use the Account Security section to opt-in to On-demand passwords. Yahoo will send a password to the mobile phone a user enters. The next time you sign in to your account Yahoo will email an on-demand password to your phone. The feature is currently available for users in the United States.

There is no question that the on-demand password feature will make things faster for some users and it will free them from having to remember a password. However, TechCrunch notes a major drawback to the on-demand password. You are going to have a serious problem if you lose the mobile phone you have tied to your Yahoo email account. You won't be able to get into the account and if someone has your mobile phone they may be able to access your email.

Two-factor authentication or verification involving a regular password and a device, such as your mobile phone, is a better way to go. It is possible Yahoo may add a two-factor feature in the near future.

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