Visual Web Search With Pagebull

Posted on December 11, 2006

PagebullPagebull was once a visual search engine that gives you an idea of what pages look like before you visit them. For example, if you search Pagebull for recipes you will see pictures of pages from AllRecipes, the Food Network, Epicurous, Better Homes and Gardens and in the search results. Panda Search Engine News says Pagebull abandoned text search results completely by using linked pictures of pages instead of words and hyperlinks. The search engine shows results in the form of an image grid. The size of the grid can be varied.

It is a good thing the text on the pages is not very readable -- otherwise the websites being listed might object to their content being framed by Pagebull. As is stands most web publishers will probably not object to what Pagebull is doing. Pagebull does provide information for webmasters who do not want their site in Pagebull. Pagebull is an interesting search tool that provides a completely new way to search the web.

Pagebull no longer appears to be a search engine.

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