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Riya Search Tool Offers Image Queries (November 20, 2006): Like is a new search tool from Riya Inc.

New People Search Called Spock in Development (November 16, 2006): A new people search tool called Spock is in the work that will be able to provide a photograph and information about people.

Google Launches Google Code Search (November 10, 2006): Google announced they have launched Google Code Search.

Searchbots Return (October 13, 2006): Searchbots has returned after a three year absence.

Amazon Drops Features From (October 3, 2006): Amazon has dropped features A9.

AOL Sued Over Release of Personal Search Data (September 26, 2006): A lawsuit has been filed against AOL for disclosing private search queries without the consent of AOL members. Rolls Out Emoticon Search (September 5, 2006): Ask.

AOL Releases Customer Search Keywords (August 10, 2006): In a serious breach of customer privacy AOL has released tons of customer data onto the Internet.

Yahoo Search Builder (August 9, 2006): Yahoo has launched Yahoo Search Builder, which allows people to build customizable search engines for a specific website or a specific subject.

Malware Search Engine Created (July 24, 2006): eWeek reports that H.

Jux2 Adds MSN Search Results (June 16, 2006): Jux2 is a meta-search engine that allows users to compare search results from three major search engines: Google, MSN Search and Yahoo.

Yahoo Launches Livesearch on the AlltheWeb (May 15, 2006): Yahoo! has announced the launch of a new search technology called Livesearch.

Search Users Focus on Top Search Results (April 21, 2006): The BBC reports on new search study that found web surfers give up after three pages of search results and most people (62%) use a result found on the first page.

Accoona Search Engine Debuts (March 13, 2006): PC Magazine reports that Accoona has raised $100 million to produce a search engine that can take on the search leaders.

Surfers Use Search Engines to Find Top Internet Brands (January 20, 2006): People like to enter the top Internet brands into search engines according to recent study by Nielsen NetRatings.

Google Refuses to Turn Over Search Data to Feds (January 20, 2006): Google has refused to turn of search data to the federal government.

The V7ndotcom Elursrebmem Contest (January 18, 2006): The V7ndotcom Elursrebmem is a contest sponsored by v7n.

Fooky Search Engine Has Built in Conversant AI (January 11, 2006): Fooky is a new search engine that in addition to accepting regular text-based keywords or phrases also accepts commands and has a built-in AI so Fooky can converse with web searches.

Searchable Ads on TiVo (November 30, 2005): TiVo has plans to add a searchable ad service.

41% of Americans Use Search (November 29, 2005): A new Pew Internet study has found that the number of people using search engines has climbed rapidly from 30% to 41% since July, 2004.