Very Unsimilar Search Results for Google, Yahoo and AOL

Posted on December 19, 2006

Rough Type looks at the top search results for 2006 from Google, Yahoo and AOL and finds there is no similarity. Only the term "American Idol" made it on the top search lists of more than one search provider.

There's only a single overlap: "American Idol" appears on both Yahoo and AOL. That's it. I would have thought that, given the sheer number of searches done through each engine, there'd be a lot more similarity in the results. I guess it means that very different types of people use each of the three engines.
The search engines either each have completely different users or there is something fishy going on. Yahoo's top search result for 2006 of Britney Spears seems the most likely given our culture's obsession with celebrities. It is weird that Google's top search results were Bebo and MySpace two social networks that can easily be found without Google.

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