Editors Working on DMOZ Again

Posted on February 26, 2007

DMOZShadow575, a volunteer editor for the DMOZ Open Directory Project, reported recently that DMOZ has opened editor access up again to the volunteer editors.
Well contrary to what was reported in numerous SEO blogs over the last few days, DMOZ returned today for editor access. There are still some bugs and apparently some scripts aren't turned on yet, as some are reporting that site suggestions and editor applications are still not working at this point. However the editors have gotten back in to assess the damage on their own, and to see what kind of work is ahead for those of us who remain dedicated to the project. I suspect there are quite a few upset bloggers (and forum posters) who have been singing the death of the directory. I had felt all along that the directory would be back and had faith in the sources that were saying things were being worked on. I just didn't think it would be today.
There may be some SEO pros that don't like the human-edited directory because it is difficult to get listed in but overall it is a great resource for web users. Hopefully, the listings will DMOZ will continue to be updated and the directory will be able to grow and expand. The open directory has over 75,000 human editors.

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