Search Engine Queries Are Getting Longer

Posted on March 4, 2009

Internet Retailer reports that data from Hitwise found that Internet search queries of five words or more increased by 10% year over year in January. The number of queries with 8 or more words climbed 22%.

Hitwise data shows the rate of increase in the number of Internet searches steadily rising along with the number of keywords per query. The number of search queries consisting of four words rose 2% year over year in January; queries consisting of five words rose 6%; six words, 8%; seven words, 12%; and eight or more words, 22%.

In contrast, the number of single-word search queries declined 3%, two-word queries declined 5%, and three-word queries remained the same.

People are getting better at using search engines. There's also a lot more information on the Internet to comb through making it necessary to use multiple keywords when trying to find something.

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