Matt Cutts Talks 2013 Google Penguin Update

Posted on May 14, 2013

Google will unleash a new Penguin update in the coming weeks. Matt Cutts, the head of webspam at Google, released a video telling webmasters what to expect with the new Penguin release. Cutts says it is called Penguin 2.0 internally at Google. He says it will target Black Hat webspam and will have more of an impact than the 2012 Penguin. Cutts also says it will look for advertorials that improperly flowing PageRank.

Cutts also says Google is working on some more sophisticated link analysis tools. They are also busy working on hacked sites and improving these types of notifications to webmasters. Google is also working on ways to give authorities on specific subjects a little better ranking. Cutts also says Google wants to help quality sites that may have been impacted negatively by Google Panda. Take a look:

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