Flickr Outrage at Possible Microsoft Yahoo Acquisition

Posted on February 1, 2008

Tech blogs are buzzing with the possibility of Microsoft acquiriing Yahoo. Yahoo owns many different companies that operate somewhat independently of the main Yahoo website. One of those websites is the popular Flickr photosharing website. Wired's Compiler reports that at least some of these users are going to be very unhappy should Microsoft manage to acquire Yahoo.

Webmonkey writes about a growing Flickr rebellion.. The article says, "A small but vocal minority on Flickr are already staging online protests at the prospect of a Microsoft takeover. Flickr is one of several popular Web 2.0 websites owned by Yahoo that loyal users fear will suffer under Microsoft ownership."

Yahoo has made several high profile social media acquisitions including Flickr,, BuzzTracker and MyBlogLog. TechCrunch says the protesters are the same folks that complained when Yahoo bought Flickr in 2005.

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