Graphita Photo Bling

Posted on July 29, 2007

A new graphic editing tool called Graphita allows you to add captions, objects, bubbles, words and doodles to photographs. TechCrunch says the website lets people add bling to their photographs.

The company offers a Flash-based application that enables users to upload photos and add a personal touch via an easy to use toolset filled with stamps, text icons, captions, bubbles and more (Bubbleply does much the same for videos). The Graphita rich toolkit is easy to use to add, resize and customize each addition to a photo creation. The product is simplified for the masses and offers users the option of an authenticated or anonymous experience - thus positioning itself for higher adoption rates. Currently, Graphita is in closed beta and does not appear to support the addition of animated icons which might be something worth looking into implementing before its official launch in mid-May.

Upon customizing a photo, users can share them via email, print and send them back to their favorite photo sites (Flickr, MySpace, etc.), or even send them to photo pick-up locations (Costco, Walgreens, etc.). In addition, photo creations can be placed directly on consumer products like coffee mugs, tee shirts or other items. Graphita does not appear to offer its own social networking hooks but rather leverages existing products and services. However, registered users have the option to share uploaded photos in the public gallery or keep them private.

Tools like Graphita should become popular as more people turn to them to add comments and bubbles to photographs they put on their blogs and social network profiles. Social networks will probably also begin to include more and more of these types of editing features. The social network site is known for including lots of blingy editing tools and features.

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