Gadgets News: Page 2

Best Buy Vending Machine at DFW Airport (August 7, 2008): The Dallas Morning News' Aviation Blog says Best Buy product dispensers were spotted at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Aiport.

MacBook Touch or Apple Tablet Next From Apple? (July 30, 2008): MacDailyNews recently posted a rumor about a MacBook Touch as an Apple secret product.

Chumby Raises $12 Million (April 12, 2008): The makers of the Chumby - a widget-powered alarm clock type of device - have raised $12.

Olivia Munn Rides The Hawaii Chair (April 11, 2008): Olivia Munn attempts to use a chair called The Hawaii Chair. It has a 2800 RPM Hula motor.

iView: A Curved iMac Design (March 4, 2008): A curved iView is Designer Nuno Teixeira's vision of what a wrap-around style iMac might look like.

Valentine's Day is for Gadgets (February 13, 2008): Tech gadgets aren't topping the list of Valentine gifts according to report, but that doesn't mean they are not on want lists.

Neuros Technology Releases Open Source Video Recorder (January 11, 2008): The New York Times has an article about the Neuros OSD - an open source video recorder that is basically hack ready.

Apple to Release iPhone SDK in February (October 17, 2007): Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced that software developers are going to be allowed to make apps for the iPhone.

New Transparent Touch Screen Could Threaten iPhone (October 11, 2007): Today's touch technology - like that available in the iPhone - isn't perfect but gadget manufacturers are always working on improvements.

Savant Announces Apple-based Coffee Table Surface Product (September 10, 2007): It wasn't too long ago that we first heard of Microsoft's surface computing technology.

Steve Jobs Responds to iPhone Price Complaints (September 6, 2007): Yesterday, a number of new Ipods were announced by Apple.

Teenager George Hotz Hacks iPhone (August 24, 2007): A 17-year-old teenager named George Hotz has hacked the iPhone and posted the instructions on his blog.

Ebay iPhone Sellers Frustrated? (July 2, 2007): Sellers of iPhones on eBay may end up frustrated by an abundance of iPhone product.

Long Lines For iPhones (June 29, 2007): Apple's marketing blitz appears to be working as Apple fans are waiting 20 hours or more to buy the hot iPhone gadget.

Sony's Razor-Thin TV Screen (May 26, 2007): Sony has created a new ultra-thin tv screen just 0.

3-D Mouse Ring Invented (May 22, 2007): Gizmag reports that a new 3D mouse that can be worn as a ring may be the path towards a Minority Report style of web navigation system.

Kill Bugs with the Amazing Flygun (April 28, 2007): Wonderfully Weird manufactures a gun they claim kills flies and skeeters.

3-D Face Scanning: Immortalize Your Face (February 26, 2007): Wired reporter Alexander Gelfand writes about how he had his face immortalized using new 3-D scanning technology.

Digital Artist's Tool: Cintiq Tablet (December 6, 2006): Kevin Kelly is blogging about the Wacom Cintiq table which is a pen-based digital tablet you can draw on.

Scientists Develop Concept for Wireless Power (November 16, 2006): The BBC reports that scientists may have come up with a method that will eventually solve the annoying battery and cables problem.